The Romance of Electricity

We are so dependent upon electricity and although I am trying to reduce my use and have solar panels on the roof, it is not something I associate with the word ‘romance’. Published in 1893 by the Religious Tract Society, John Munro’s The Romance of Electricity addresses both natural processes as well as modern (at that time) electrical developments in non-technical language.

Romance of Electricity 20 May 2016-1There are over 50 black and white drawings and diagrams. The first, opposite the title page is a photograph of lightning which made me think about photographing that phenomenon. The first seven chapters describe natural phenomena including thunder and lightning, St Elmo’s Fire, fireballs, the aurora and electricity in living creatures. He then goes on to discuss the ‘curiosities’ of the telephone, microphone and electric light and others, ending by speculating on the future. It is an interesting insight into something we now take for granted.

Romance of Electricity Picture 1 20 May 2016-1

About Carol Henshaw

I am a retired medic & academic who volunteers in this bookshop. I love books, travelling, photography, painting and printing, all sorts of music (choral singing now & hope to take up the saxophone), gardening and natural history, arts & crafts, hanging out with old friends and making new ones.
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