A long walk

I love a long walk but the one described in this book surpasses anything that I have even contemplated. Rob Lilwell and his cameraman Leon walked from Mongolia back to Rob’s home in Hong Kong. I came across the book while I was tidying up the travel literature section in the shop a couple of weeks ago and it has kept me enthralled ever since. Mongolia and China are on my list of places to visit but this book provides insights no guidebook would touch upon especially on interactions from the people they met along the way. Relationships are also a theme – Rob did not know Leon well before the trip and there are inevitable flashpoints and difficulties but these were overcome. They each had a wife/partner back at home and intermittent phone contact and occasional visits were necessary to maintain those relationships. Having to film the walk for a TV company and the demands this placed on them was also a burden but after 10 million steps they arrived at their destination.

Walking home from Mongolia (1 of 1)

About Carol Henshaw

I am a retired medic & academic who volunteers in this bookshop. I love books, travelling, photography, painting and printing, all sorts of music (choral singing now & hope to take up the saxophone), gardening and natural history, arts & crafts, hanging out with old friends and making new ones.
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